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Exercise to Lose Weight

Exercise is an essential part of losing weight. At least 30 minutes of physical activity is required to reduce the risk of chronic diseases in adulthood as well as shed extra pounds. Sometimes it is hard to fit exercise into your busy schedule, but the good news is the effects of exercise are cumulative. It does not have to be done all at once, however you do need to get your heart pumping. You need to move your body to a degree that you are breathing faster or harder. 

Meeting the 30 minute threshold will help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your risk of chronic medical problems. For those who are significantly overweight or those who want to lose more weight you will need to increase your exercise to 60 – 90 minutes per day in order to achieve your goal.

Develop an exercise routine and stick to it. You have to make it a priority and don’t miss a day or give up. No matter how busy your life is, you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Do physical activities that you actually enjoy such as tennis, hiking, swimming, or playing at the park with your kids. Take the stairs at work instead of the elevator or park your car further away from the office so you will have to walk further. Make it fun and meet your exercise goals in a way that you enjoy.